Our activities

Engineering activities

The Transinvest-Budapest Ltd., as the successor of the Transinvest Engineering and Contracting Ltd. for Transportation Projects, has been present and working successfully in the domestic market for over 25 years now. During this time, the company has become one of the largest and most successful private companies in engineering and consultancy services for infrastructure projects.

The Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. uses its wide national and international experiences and connections on both the Hungarian and international infrastructure market.

Although the Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. has its major focus and activities in Hungary it has significant and successful presence abroad as well. In addition to previously gathered experiences in Algeria, Mauritius, Yemen, Uganda, the Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. completed or working on various projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Iraq, Bulgaria, Romania, Iran and Ukraine.

Our Company has a major role in the supervision of Hungarian infrastructure construction (motorways, roads, railways, water engineering, buildings, environmental, etc.), and provides Independent Engineering – FIDIC Engineer – services on behalf of private investment companies and financing banks (Bank’s Technical Controller), also for the state owners and operators. These activities have been started in 1997 regarding the construction of Terminal 2/B at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest, which project was considered to be a significant development some years following the political changes in Hungary.

Right from its establishment, our company carried out also specialized consultancy and advisory tasks in relation to several Hungarian roads, bridges and railways construction projects based on FIDIC type contracts.

Commercial activities

Commercial Office of Transinvest-Budapest Ltd. has been more than 25 years at disposal for the customers and partners involved in civil engineering works, water and public utilities construction works, with building technology consultancy for the choosing, buying or renting of the appropriate devices, equipment, machines. Our Office in certain case can complete both the requested designing and construction works. In the past years we delivered construction equipment and materials not only to Hungary but even to Serbia, Slovakia, Romania and Kazakhstan.

The aim of setting up our Office in the middle of the 1990ies was to introduce those technologies and products complemented by obtaining the needed permission and consultancy, which were already used and gained success in Europe but were less known in Hungary. Introduction of many products and brands were successfully done in the elapsed period.

Among our products such devices, equipment and machines applied in public utilities and water construction are included, as

  • steel and aluminium trench shoring systems,
  • hydraulic shoring frames,
  • pneumatic rubber pipe plugs,
  • Larssen és Pátria sheet piles,
  • dewatering equipments,
  • check valves,
  • pipe inspection camera systems and
  • mobile flood protection walls.

We provide genuine spare parts for the products we are representing, partly from stock.

Our excellent suppliers contacts, knowledge and experience of our colleagues and flexible adaptations to the needs ensure the quality of our service. We make efforts to establish long-term relationship with our suppliers, manufacturers: we proudly declare that with most of them we have contact more than 20 years.

We provide professional local support according to customers’ individual needs. Thank to cooperation with our customers we can offer optimal solutions meeting their requirements, which makes even their work more efficient.

In our range of products such items can also be found which are important also for occupational safety reasons, using of these is inevitable for local workers of construction projects because of safety.