Mobile flood protection walls and barriers


Application area

EKO-SYSTEM mobile flood protection walls can be used against flood for the protection of individual buildings, territories, properties, height increase of protection lines, flood gates and closing of roads up to max 6,3 m protection height.

How does the EKO-SYSTEM flood walls technology work?

It is a mobile wall that creates a vertical wall of any length that is able to retain the flood wave. It consists of two main parts: permanently built solid foundations and mobile barriers.

Everything is based on an underground wall protecting an area against groundwater that rises simultaneously with the level of water flow. Its depth is based on bedrock and subsequent expected height of the barrier. The permanently mounted parts of a mobile barrier are attached to underground wall fittings. These are lateral guides, anchor plates and variantly low gate seats. Lateral guides are used to attach a mobile barrier to permanent structures and walls. Anchor plates are used to attach mobile poles, namely portable shores. There may be steel or stone sills or smooth even seating surface between anchor plates on which vertical stop logs are then stacked. All permanently mounted parts are made from high quality stainless steel. Mobile barriers are often placed on a solid wall that creates natural flood protection.

Mobile barrier parts include portable shores, stop logs and tightening devices. Portable shores are steel welded H-shaped poles into which stop logs are inserted. They have profile sealing in the vertical direction. The surface is protected by hot-dip galvanizing. They are attached to solid anchor plates by means of screws. They are made for three types of stop logs: the width of 50, 90 and 100 mm. The height of protection is always a multiple of the height of the selected stop log type. The highest portable shores we have constructed so far are 6.270 mm high. Portable shores up to a height of 2.600 mm are constructed without lateral support. Higher portable shores are provided with support.

Assembly of mobile parts

The installation procedure is simple and quick: after removal of covers from lateral guides and anchor plates, fix the mobile shores to anchor plates with screws and insert the stop logs. Finally assemble the tightening devices and tighten stop logs vertically. The components are lightweight, most parts can be lifted without using machine.


The method of storage always depends on the number of mobile elements.

To store several elements, we usually provide a console for wall mounting, which especially helps save required storage space.

For a medium or large number of mobile elements stop logs are supplied in bundles. Individual layers are spaced out with wooden stickers that ensure perfect air circulation. For portable shores and stop logs we supply steel pallets that enable easy handling by means of a for-lift. Stacking the pallets is a matter of fact.

In large projects we also provide storage containers according to customer requirements. The containers store mobile parts on pallets according to individual sites. It means that each container has its own precise location and includes all parts to build a particular section of a mobile flood wall.

Visual check of components and rubber sealings at the prescribed intervals is a must.

Advantages of EKO-SYSTEM:

  • direct contact remains between man and river
  • mobile parts are assembled just in case of flood danger
  • embedded parts do not generate obstacle
  • safe flood protection checked in practice
  • easy handling and fast assembly
  • reusable components
  • high rigidity, long service life
  • light weight mobile components
  • easy storage and transportation
  • minimum maintenance