Pneumatic rubber pipe plugs


Application area

SAVA standard blocking plugs and special types with bypass are simple, quick and reliable technical solutions for pipe tightness test, maintenance works and in accidental, emergency cases. These are essential tools for builders and operators of pipelines, fire brigades and environmental protection.

House connection test set is suitable for tightness test in house connections, pipes and drains with water or air according to the DIN EN 1610 standard.


It is simple to use: insert the plug into the pipe, inflate it with air until it reaches its nominal pressure and closes the pipe. For complete closing of pipes types PLUGY can be used, while the types PLUGSY allows the liquid bypass.

The plugs are made of excellent quality of rubber, certain types are reinforced with aramid cord. The textile layer ensures the high strength, the rubber layer the sealing abilities and resists to wearing, mechanical damage and weather impacts. Surface pattern is optimal for the insertion into the pipe. Various components of the system can be quick and easy assembled thanks to the quick action coupling connections. Plugs have eye bolts with which lowering into manhole is possible. The size and numbers of couplings and eye bolts varies on plug size.

Thanks to their flexibility one type of plug can be operated even in different sizes of pipes. These can be operated in wide temperature range and are resistant to drinking water, wastewater. Partially resistant to aggressive liquids, gas and mineral oil products depending on their concentration.

We provide wide range of products, accessories for circular and egg-shaped pipes, manholes, custom-made sizes and chemical resistance.

Lots of plugs incl. accessories (controller, inflation hose) for rent from diameter 100 mm to 1000 mm from our warehouse in Budapest.

Small diameter plugs for circular pipes (diameters from 20 mm to 305 mm): PLUGY Z and PLUGSY S
  • can be used in all types of pipes
  • not reinforced with cord, they exhibit excellent stretching and sealing characteristics
  • extra short for easier insertion
  • oil-resistant version available
  • perfect for plumbers
Multi-size plugs for larger dimensions of circular pipes (diameters from 40 mm to 1800 mm): PLUGY and PLUGSY
  • aramid reinforcement
  • flexible construction and bend easily
  • oil-resistant version available
Pillow-shaped plugs for large circular pipes (diameter from 600 mm to 3000 mm): PLUGY PILLOW and PLUGSY PILLOW
  • for large diameter of pipes and can be custom-made to fit any pipeline diameter
  • low weight
  • flexible and fully foldable
  • fit through a 600 mm manhole
Egg-shaped plugs for egg-shaped pipes (diameter from 200/300 mm to 1400/2100 mm): PLUGY EI and PLUGSY EI
  • fit all standard egg-shaped pipes
  • two design versions (egg-shaped for smaller pipes; pillow-shaped for larger pipes)
  • wide range
Further, special products of the manufacturer:
  • chemical-resistant plugs
  • cone-shaped plugs (for circular and egg-shaped pipes)
  • manhole plugs
  • pneumatic rehabilitation packers for repairs of pipes
  • leak sealing bags for tanks, containers
  • lifting bags

For assembly and operation video please visit the manufacturer’s website.